Interracial act of 1924

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How much of a Negative Impact did Racial Integrity Act of 1924 have on "American Society"? | RallyPoint

Racial integrity accumulation were passed by the broad installation to protect "whiteness" against what many Virginians perceived to be the pessimistic effects of race-mixing. They enclosed the Racial honestness Act of 1924, which impermissible interracial ritual and defined as white a person "who has no trace whatsoever of any bloodline opposite than Caucasian"; the people Assemblages Act of 1926, which required all people gathering spaces to be rigorously segregated; and a third act, passed in 1930, that definite as evil a person who has even a trace of African American ancestry. This way of shaping whiteness as a benign of purity in bloodline became acknowledged as the "one decrement rule." These religious text arrived at a time once a pseudo-science of albescent superiority titled eugenics gained support by groups like the Anglo-Saxon Clubs of America, which argued that the commixture of whites, human Americans, and Virginia Indians could cause dandy societal harm, despite the realism that the races had been intermixed since dweller settlement.

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The battle over inter-racial marriage in the U.S.

US anti-miscegenation sacred text restricting marriages on the basis of taxon were once implemented in most states. Sometimes, they were referred to as miscegenation laws. The word comes from Latin: "miscere" (to mix) and "genus" (kind).

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