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Excess haircloth (hirsutism) in women often appears in the places wherever men hold body hair, such as the stimulant lip and chin, the body part (including around the nipples), the first-rate of the shoulders and the lower abdomen. The surplus body covering is usually common and gloomful (different from the satisfactory hair that whatsoever women have on their upper lip, chin, breasts and stomach). The hairs also grow longest than normal so, for example, hairs on the upper lip may arise to 1 cm long rather of remaining short, precise and fair. Women often worry that visual aspect average that they hold manful hormones and are not in full female.

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Society puts a lot of pressure on women to be hairless. Underarm, leg and facial hair is well thought out socially unattractive in many cultures and yet 40 percent of women experience the process of skincare hair, patch the majority of women person natural object hair. The removal of filum by shaving has oft been used as an act of chagrin in ancient cultures, during time period and in modern-day prison systems; this same signification of abasement is parented when certain media compulsive sweetheart ideals insist that hair be distant to mull feminine beauty.

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