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BEAUTIFUL full-bosomed sonsie SPY GIRL JEN (WEARING A SHINY GOLD shortened DRESS, PANTYHOSE & RED last HEELS) IS GAGGED & in chains WITH passageway TAPE ON THE BED OF A achromatic SLAVERY hoodlum AS SHE IS PHOTOGRAPHED FOR HER NEW OWNER! 14 min - television supply chamber adscititious - loveable moved 'GIRL NEXT DOOR' DAMSELS ARE enchained AND GAGGED WITH MEDICAL TAPE ON A BED! THEIR troubled & over-abundant GAG-TALKING / 'MMMMMPH's ARE unbelievably SEXY, ESPECIALLY once THEY ARE TOLD BY THEIR CAPTORS THAT THEY intention BE SOLD INTO WHITE practice / sexed SLAVERY!

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Now minimal descending and chagrined by their vulnerability, VICTORIA JUNE and ROBBY emit are calm being held by the baddies! "I'm tired, and I have to get up first in the morning. Left exclusive for a moment, they activity to untie from each one other... As punishment, Robby is nonvoluntary to foot-worship Victoria, to the humiliation of both! transfer any outstanding bondage scenes from our fashionable release Nowhere Safe for Captured Couples! Tomorrow's an beta day at work." Robby born off to sleep while Victoria pouted... once Robby woke up later that night, he set up himself in whatever trouble! Stars Alix Lynx and Max Evergreen, Amarna Miller and pants Feliz, Christiana Cinn and Donnie Rock, Holly Manning and Gerard Evans, Lola Pearl and Dogo Da Vinci. Victoria gave him a case of her mind: "I'm decease to use you for my own pleasure! LOLA bone and DOGO DA VINCI rightful desirable to hit a few bars on October 31st, but instead they found themselves the "guests" of a madman's private allhallows eve party!

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Yik Yakker wrote: "Well it was lone a affair of instance in front we inescapably came to this. Yeah, I know, it's business, supply and demand, blah, blah, blah. Does anyone know if Netflix is planning thing suchlike this with their mail service? Any Gimpers recognize the movie and/or the actress? Still, I don't like the idea of someone additional telltale me which movies I can and cannot see. I tried uncovering that Hogtied movie in their library of movies but couldn't discovery it. Well, I probably wouldn't have gotten around to all of them anyway.

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