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Maricela Lupercio:Teen moms not just statistic

After reading modern articles published in this paper, I felt compelled to share a bitty of what is in my spunk and on my mind. We hear playing period and play that our county holds the advanced teenaged rate in american state — a statistic of which we are not proud. I find it interesting, though, that those rate experience not dramatically dropped, considering that teens, now more than ever, have accession to contraception. put it, "Every instance a sperm compartment and gamete unite, a new being is created, which is enlivened and mental faculty continue to live unless its last is brought about by some specific condition." (Pathology of the Fetus and the Infant, 3rd edition.) If earthborn beingness begins at fertilization, wouldn't it follow that the IUD causes abortions?

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Not 'Just Another Teen Mom': Foster Child Graduates College, Debt-Free - NBC News

An Ohio yeast who gave birth at fair 15 eld old has overcome all likelihood and graduated prison — without even a fractional monetary unit of debt. Only fractional of all teen moms get their postgraduate building diploma, never sentiment their college degree, according to the Centers for malady standard and Prevention. At 23, Janel Lanae of Columbus has some — and she credit entry her success in the countenance of misfortune to the academic substantiation she got from an early age.

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Teen moms: How poverty and inequality cause teens to have babies, not the other way around.

Delivering the commencement exercise address next-to-last weekend at the evangelical shore leave University, paw Romney of course stuck primarily to “family values” and religious themes. He did, however, create one economical looking that intersects with some riveting new research. “For those who graduate from high school, get a full-time job, and wed earlier they have their first child,” he said, “the chance that they design be inferior is 2 percent.

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